The Parody of Mathematics

  • Vinoo Cameron Hope research
Keywords: 1, 3


In this very brief paper by precise statement the author has shown that numbers are a continuum in mathematics( mathematics has to be a continuum), and numbers do define all non-linear space by a set configuration at the very base of mathematics. The author has separately both by published papers and now a book on created mathematics defined this very basic fact that as created numbers and space are connected by the Pythagoras 1:3 configuration. The paper itself is constrained to the observation of the 1,3 as base ligands in the mathematical sense.


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-3 as the created root of all mathematics by numbers, prime number 5 as created template of all prime numbers and pseudo prime numbers: Journal of progressive research in Mathematics (JPRM), Volume14, issue1.September 17, 2018

Theorem of 1:3 Pythagoras cone and prime number predictive double spirals: Journal of progressive research in mathematics (JPRM), Volume14, issue 1, September 22, 2018

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