Housekeeping Inspection and Inventory Analysis are the Primary Responses of Engineering and Logistics Operations in Hospitality Industry- An Intensive case study of Professional Research on Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto Pearson International Airport

  • Gazi Farok York University
  • Greg MacNeil
Keywords: Housekeeping, Engineering, Technology, Inspection, Operation


Housekeeping inspection maintains a chronological checklist and it has the major practice at the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry manages an imaging services to restaurants, lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, tourism industry etc. Now days, hospitality as well as housekeeping are a dynamic and vibrant industry. It has different facilities of maintenances and direct operations with technology, engineering, housekeeping, kitchen workers, marketing, human resources, bartenders and supply chain logistic management

Author Biographies

Gazi Farok, York University

York University and Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Toronto, Canada & Dhaka WASA, Bangladesh

Greg MacNeil

Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Toronto, Canada


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