Excitation of 9F Levels of Gadolinium Atom Belonging to 4f75d6s6p Configuration

  • Yuriy Mikhailovich Smirnov MPEI
Keywords: Excitation Cross-Section, Optical Excitation Function, Gadolinium Atom, Energy Level, Spectral Line, Nonet levels


The excitation of 9F levels of gadolinium atoms related to the 4f75d6s6p configuration was examined by the method of extended crossing beams with registration of the excited atom radiation. 68 excitation cross sections were measured at the incident electron energy of 30 eV. Optical excitation functions (OEF) in the electron energy range 0-200 eV were recorded for transitions from 13 levels. The direct excitation channel as well as the OEF features are discussed. A comparison with the results of an earlier experiment is given.


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Author Biography

Yuriy Mikhailovich Smirnov, MPEI

National Research University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute,  14 Krasnokazarmennaya str., Moscow, 111250, Russia


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