Invariant Solutions of Generalized Fisher-KPP Equation


  • Mehdi Nadjafikhah Prof.


Fisher-KPP equation, ‎Lie symmetry metho, ‎Invariant solution, Conditional symmetry, ‎Approximate symmetry


‎In this paper‎, ‎we consider a hyperbolic generalized Fisher-KPP equation‎: ‎$\varepsilon^2 u_{tt}‎ + ‎g(u) u_t = ( k(u) u_x )_x‎ +‎f(u)$ where $f$‎, ‎$g $ ‎‎‎and $k$ are arbitrary smooth functions of variable $u$ and $\varepsilon$ is a speed parameter‎. ‎We find invariant solutions by Lie method‎. ‎Also‎, ‎we study standard and weak conditional and approximate symmetries‎.


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