Increasing Stability of The Inverse Source Problem For One Dimensional Domain

Coupled Systems of Functional Differential Equations of Fractional Orders

  • Manal S.I. Zaki Qassim University
  • Hind Hashem
Keywords: Inverse source problems, Helmholtz equation, Scattering Theory


In this paper, we are investigating the one dimensional inverse source problem for Helmholtz equation where the source function is compactly supported in our domain. We show that increasing stability possible using multi-frequency wave at the two endpoints. Our main result is to obtain a stability estimate consists of two parts: the data discrepancy and the high frequency tail.


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Author Biographies

Manal S.I. Zaki, Qassim University
Northern Border University, Arar, Northern Border 73222, Saudi Arabia
Hind Hashem

faculty of science, Qassim University


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