Giving Birth to Vectorial Coordinate Geometry

  • Pramode Ranjan Bhattacharjee Retired Principal, Kabi Nazrul Mahavidyalaya, Sonamura, Tripura - 799131, India
Keywords: Cartesian coordinate geometry: Sign convention: Cartesian coordinates: Vector algebra.


This paper deals with certain foundational questions about the adequacy of the long- running Cartesian coordinate geometry which is based on the abstract concept of “sign convention” for the study of the physical world. To establish a bridge between theory and practice, the present paper purports to introduce the “Vectorial coordinate geometry” that makes use of a modern notational system to work as an alternative for the long-running historical system. The proposed scheme will be equally applicable to the “Pure mathematical world” as well as to the “Real physical world” and is much clearer leaving no room for confusion.


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Author Biography

Pramode Ranjan Bhattacharjee, Retired Principal, Kabi Nazrul Mahavidyalaya, Sonamura, Tripura - 799131, India

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Roxy, Cairo, Egypt



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