Reference Temperature Dependent Thermoelastic Solid with Voids Subjected to Continuous Heat Sources

  • Sudip Mondal Basirhat College
Keywords: Lord Shulman Model, Thermoelastic Void Material, Eigenvalue Approach


In the present article, the reference temperature dependency Lord--Shulman model of generalized thermoelasticity with voids subjected to a continuous heat source in a half-space is discussed. The Laplace transform together with eigenvalue approach technique is applied to find a closed-form solution for the physical variables viz. distribution of temperature, volume fraction field, deformation and stress field in the Laplace transform domain. The numerical inversions of those physical variables in the space-time domain are carried out by using the Zakian algorithm for the inversion of the Laplace transform. Numerical results are shown graphically and the results obtained are analyzed.


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Author Biography

Sudip Mondal, Basirhat College

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Basirhat College, 24PGS(N)–743412


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