Some Fractional Variational Problems Involving Caputo Derivatives

  • Amele Taieb UMAB Mostaganem
  • Zoubir Dahmani UMAB Mostaganem
Keywords: Caputo Derivative, Fractional Calculus of Variations, Isoperimetric Problems


In this paper, we study some fractional variational problems with functionals that involve some unknown functions and their Caputo derivatives. We also consider Caputo iso-perimetric problems. Generalized fractional Euler-Lagrange equations for the problems are presented. Furthermore, we study the optimality conditions for functionals depending on the unknown functions and the optimal time T. In addition, some examples are discussed.


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Author Biographies

Amele Taieb, UMAB Mostaganem

LPAM, Faculty ST, UMAB Mostaganem, Algeria

Zoubir Dahmani, UMAB Mostaganem

LPAM, Faculty SEI, UMAB Mostaganem, Algeria


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