Chelyshkov Collocation Method for Solving Three-Dimensional linear Fredholm Integral Equations

  • Doaa Shokry Mohamed Zagazig University
Keywords: Three-Dimensional Integral Equations, Chelyshkov Polynomials, Collocation Points


The main purpose of this work is to use the Chelyshkov-collocation method for the solution of three- dimensional Fredholm integral equations. The method is based on the approximate solution in terms of Chelyshkov polynomials with unknown coefficients. This method transforms the integral equation to a system of linear algebraic equations by means of collocation points. Finally, numerical results are included to show the validity and applicability of the method and comparisons are made with existing results.


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Author Biography

Doaa Shokry Mohamed, Zagazig University

Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt


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