Level subsets and translations of QFST(G)


  • Rasul Payame Noor University (PNU), Tehran, Iran.


Fuzzy algebraic structures, Group Theory, Norms, Q-fuzzy subgroups, nNormal Q-fuzzy subgroups, Homomorphisms


First, we introduce level subsets and translations of  QFST(G)  and study their properties.  Secondly,  we prove that the union and intersection of two-level subsets of QTST(G)  are subgroups of G. Also we prove that translations of  QTST(G)  are also  QFST(G).  Finally,  we define  fuzzy image and fuzzy pre-image of translations of  QFST(G)  under group homomorphisms and anti group homomorphisms and investigate properties of them.


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Author Biography

Rasul, Payame Noor University (PNU), Tehran, Iran.

Department of Mathematics


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