UFSD Test with Proton Beam and Signal Analysis by Using CFD Method


  • Mohammad Fadavi Mazinani Faculty of Sabzevar, Technical and vocational university
  • Ali asghar Mowlavi Hakim Sabzevari University,


Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors (UFSD), Dose Delivery System (DDS), Time Measurement, MATLAB, Proton Therapy


Detecting the charge particles at Giga hertz rate is one of the applications of UFSD (Ultra- Fast Silicon Detectors). The UFSD test in front of the proton beam to count the beam particles and use it for more precise in Dose Delivery System for treatment the cancerous tumor by charge particles can become an effective step for development of cancer treatment. After choosing the best time measurement method which was constant fraction discriminator (CFD) method, by our previous experience, we used MATLAB software to analyze the UFSD signals. The results of many different runs of programs in MATLAB for many registered signals shows: 1- These sensors are reliable to count the proton particles in giga hertz rate. 2-The CFD devices could be used to record the UFSD output signals.


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Author Biographies

Mohammad Fadavi Mazinani, Faculty of Sabzevar, Technical and vocational university

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  (TVU), Tehran, Iran.

Ali asghar Mowlavi, Hakim Sabzevari University,

Department of basic sciences , Sabzevar, Iran.


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Mohammad Fadavi Mazinani, & Ali asghar Mowlavi. (2020). UFSD Test with Proton Beam and Signal Analysis by Using CFD Method . MathLAB Journal, 5, 110-116. Retrieved from https://purkh.com/index.php/mathlab/article/view/711



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