New Results on Extension of Linear Operators and Markov Moment Problem



Markov Moment Problem, Mazur-Orlicz theorem, Characterizing The Existence Of A Solution, Markov Operator


One recalls earlier applications of extension of linear operators with two constraints to the abstract Markov moment problem and Mazur-Orlicz theorem. Next we generalize one of our previous results on the characterization for the existence of a linear extension preserving the sandwich condition  on the positive cone of the domain (where are given linear operators). Precisely, a similar characterization is obtained, when the sandwich condition on the extension   is   on , where  are sublinear operators, and    is an arbitrary convex cone (that might be the entire domain space). In the end, solutions of moment and Mazur-Orlicz problems are discussed, pointing out evaluation of their norms. All these solutions are obtained from the theorems previously stated or proved in this work. Some of the solutions are Markov operators.


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Author Biography

Octav Olteanu, Politehnica University of Bucharest

Department of Mathematics-Informatics, 


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