Some results of Kenmotsu manifolds admitting Schouten-Van Kampen connection


  • Gurupadavva Ingalahalli Department of Mathematics, J.N.N. College of Engineering, Navule, Shimoga - 577204, Karnataka, INDIA.
  • S.C. Anil Department of Mathematics, J.N.N. College of Engineering, Navule, Shimoga - 577204, Karnataka, INDIA
  • C.S. Bagewadi Department of Mathematics, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta - 577 451, Shimoga, Karnataka, INDIA.


Ricci tensor, Curvature tensor, Kenmotsu Manifolds


In this paper we study some curvature properties of Kenmotsu manifolds with respect to Schouten-Van Kampen connection satisfying Pseudo-Projectively flat, ξ-Pseudo-Projectively flat, φ-Pseudo-Projectively Semi-symmetric, Pseudo-Pseudo-Projectively flat, W*8-flat, ξ-W*8-flat, φ-W*8-semi symmetric, Pseudo-W*8-flat conditions.


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