Preparation and Characterization of PSS/Pt/GR/GCE Graphene Composite Modified Electrode


  • Jinjie Zhang Zhengzhou University
  • Yingping Qi
  • Yongfeng Shen
  • Hua Li Zhengzhou University


Graphene composite modified electrode, Characterization, Tyrosine


The Poly(Sodium Styrenesulfonate) / nano Pt / graphene (PSS/Pt/GR) composite modified electrode material was prepared and characterized by transmission electron microscopy(TEM), infrared spectroscopy and alternating current impedance. The electrochemical behavior of tyrosine was determined on PSS/Pt/GR/GCE composite modified electrode. The results show that the PSS/Pt/GR composite modified electrode material is synthesized well. This electrode can be used to determine tyrosine with high sensitivity and accuracy, which could have promising applicability for the determination of other substances.


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Author Biographies

Jinjie Zhang, Zhengzhou University

School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China

Yingping Qi

Zhengzhou museum, Zhengzhou China 450000

Yongfeng Shen

Zhengzhou museum, Zhengzhou China 450000

Hua Li, Zhengzhou University

School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China


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