Method of Determinining Radii and Enthalpies of The Formation of Poliatomic Ions


  • Boris Georgievich Golovkin Public Institute of Natural and Human Sciences. Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Polyatomic ions, Ion Radii, Born-Haber cycle enthalpy of vanadate formation, Born-Haber cycle, Enthalpy of vanadate formation, Lattice energy of vanadates


Based on the Born-Haber cycle, a method is proposed for determining the thermochemical radii and enthalpies of the formation of polyatomic ions. In order to be able to compare the values ​​of the enthalpies of the formation of ions and salts, a method is proposed for normalizing these values ​​by relating them not to one mole of a substance, but to an averaged gram atom. The method is approved on vanadium oxide compounds. The values ​​of 22 radii and enthalpies of the formation of polyatomic ions containing vanadium, the energies of the crystal lattices and the enthalpies of formation of  81 vanadate are calculated. The obtained values ​​are compared with the experimental data.


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