Formation Constant of Transition Metal Complexes with Adenosine Biomolecule and Glutamic Acid and Isoleucine Amino Acids


  • Rajendra Phase LBS SenioLalbahadur Shastri Senior College Partur, District Jalna, (M.S.) Indiar College Partur
  • Magare B. K Shivaji Arts Commerce and Science College Kannad District Aurangabad, (M.S.) India
  • Jagrut V B Swami Vivekanand Senior College Mantha, District Jalna, (M.S.) India
  • Shankarwar A.G S.B.E.S. College of Science Aurangabad, (M.S.) India


Amino Acids, Adenosine, Metal Complexes, Formation Constants


Formation constants of transition metal complexes with Adenosine biomolecule, Glutamic acid and isoleucine amino acids have been studied pH metrically in 20% v/v ethyl alcohol and water medium at 30°C temperature and 0.1 M ionic strength. The proton ligand stability constant (pKa) of ligands and metal ligand stability constant (logK) of binary metal complexes were determined. It is correlated with atomic numbers, basicity of ligands, and atomic radii of metal ions. The transition metal complexes of ligands follow the Irving William natural order of stability.  



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