Experimental research on the behavior of electrolytes at high frequencies Author: Parantap Nandi


  • Parantap Nandi Electrical Engineer WBSEDCL


Mobility, Conductivity, Auxiliary electrode, Electrolyte, Electrolysis


Traditional electrolysis using direct current as a power source finds numerous applications. The electrodes having definite polarities make ionization/discharge possible. Generally, heavy currents at low voltages are used. Electrolysis using power frequency sinusoidal voltage can yield substantial products as has been proved experimentally. This relies on high voltages low currents of the order of mA. High frequency alternating currents of the order of several tens of kilohertz if harnessed carefully should be able to cause ionization/discharge as the case may be. This may pave the way for hydrogen production using suitable electrodes where current remains in the range of mA, unlike conventional electrolysis experiments. However, the low mobility of heavy ions may impose significant difficulties. This may be overcome using techniques such as heterogeneous supply and auxiliary electrodes. The choice of the materials used for the electrodes is very important. In this paper, electrolysis techniques using high-frequency voltage, waves have been expounded.


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Author Biography

Parantap Nandi, Electrical Engineer WBSEDCL

A, E. (Electrical), P.W.D, West Bengal


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