Antibacterial and X-ray Diffraction Study of Cr(III) and Fe(III) metal Complexes of Thiosemicarbazone Ligand


  • Vrushali Gavhane R. B. Attal Arts, Science and Commerce College, Georai, Dist. Beed.
  • Sampal Sandeep Narayanrao Department of Chemistry, Dr. B.A.M.U, Aurangabad
  • Rajbhoj Anjali Sudamrao Department of Chemistry, Dr. B.A.M.U, Aurangabad
  • Gaikwad Suresh Tukaram Department of Chemistry, Dr. B.A.M.U, Aurangabad.


Biological Screening., X-ray diffractogram, propyl thiosemicarbazone, N-4-Ethyl


Comparative study of X-ray diffraction patterns of transition metal complexes like Cr (III) and Fe (III) of Thiosemicarbazone is carried out. These metal complexes has different crystal system and their x-ray diffraction studies also used for determination of various parameters such as unit cell volume and miller indices values like h, k and l. Antibacterial screening also done of these metal complexes and ligand in comparison with standard drug ciprofloxacin.


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