Cost Factors of Municipal Water Has Social Values and Scientific Applications


  • Gazi Farok Senator at Ryerson University and Exam Invigilator at York University
  • Dr. Edward (Ted) Petroff Ryerson University, Canada


Life, Water, Economic, Quality, Chemical


Water (H2O) is an important bio-chemical compound and it has life-supporting role. Water purification is a scientific process of chemical treatment. High-quality water demand for pure chemical synthesis such as boiler feedwater. Drug industries welcome centralized compared to onsite treatment, recycling technologies considering economics of scale. Boiled Feed (V) Water is important for IVF (Inter Venus Fluid) and its comparative costs and lessons learned could be used to build treatment facilities. Government policy and regulations, economic cost, corporate sustainability, environmental agency can enforce to get high-quality water.


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Author Biographies

Gazi Farok, Senator at Ryerson University and Exam Invigilator at York University

Ryerson University and York University, Canada, 

Dr. Edward (Ted) Petroff, Ryerson University, Canada

Ryerson University, Canada


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