Positioning and Smoothing Movement Approaches of a Linear Actuator Dedicated to A Biomedical Application


  • Imed Mahmoud Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ISSAT) Mahdia
  • Adel Khedher adel_kheder@yahoo.fr


Linear Actuator, Syringe Pump, Oscillations, Dynamic Response, Bang-Bang, Closed Loop Control and Precision


The movement of linear stepper motors is characterized by a highly oscillatory translation, which is troublesome for the positional accuracy and the speed constant (often required by many industrial applications such as the syringe pump). These oscillations can lead to loss of synchronism and stall risk. Thus, in order to attenuate the amplitudes of these oscillations and to guarantee the positioning of the actuator without errors, solutions exploiting open-loop and closed-loop control techniques are proposed in this paper for the purpose of improve the performance of the actuator


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Author Biographies

Imed Mahmoud, Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ISSAT) Mahdia

Laboratory of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Systems (LATIS)

Adel Khedher, adel_kheder@yahoo.fr

Laboratory of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Systems (LATIS)


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