Wormholes in k(R,T) Gravity



  • Farook Rahaman Jadavpur University


(R; T) Gravity, Shape Function, Energy Condition, Wormhole, Redshift Function


The wormhole solution could be found by solving the Einstein field equations with violating the null energy condition (NEC). We represent wormhole solutions in $\kappa(R,T)$ gravity (Teruel , 2017) in two different ways. At first we find the shape function by considering a redshift function and linear equation of state (EoS). The solution represents a wormhole for the real feasible matter. In second part we consider two pairs of redshift and shape functions and analyze the obtained solutions. Some of the models suggest that for particular values of the parameters, the existence of wormholes are supported by arbitrarily small quantity of exotic matter.


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