Spherical Shock Waves of Variable Energy in A Radiating Atmosphere


  • R K Anand University of Allahabad
  • H C Yadav CMP College


Shock Waves, Variable Energy, Radiation Heat Flux, Power Series Similarity Solutions


This paper presents power series similarity solutions for spherical shock waves of variable energy propagating in a radiating gas, taking into consideration the Rosseland’s radiative diffusion model. These similarity solutions are obtained for an energy input , where  is the energy released up to time t and  is a functional constant. The effects of radiation-parameter are explored on the pressure, the density, the particle velocity and the heat flux of radiation just behind the spherical shock front. The results provided a clear picture of whether and how the radiation flux affects the distribution of the flow variables in the region behind the spherical shock waves.


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Author Biographies

R K Anand, University of Allahabad

Department of Physics, UGC Centre of Advanced Studies, University of Allahabad, Allahabad 211002, India

H C Yadav, CMP College

Department of Physics, CMP College, Allahabad 211002, India


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