High Energy High Repetition Rate P-P Lasers.


  • Victor V. Apollonov A.M. Prokhorov GPI RAS


A technique for obtaining of the repetitively pulsed operating regime in high-power wide-aperture lasers is proposed and experimentally realized. In this regime, the laser emits a train of pulses with duration of 100–150 ns and a pulse repetition rate of several tens of kilohertz. The main properties of the pulsed regime are theoretically analyzed and the proposed technique is tested in detail employing a test-bench gas-dynamic laser. The results of the test confirmed the conclusions of the theoretical analysis. The possibility of a repetitively pulsed regime in high-power wide-aperture lasers realization without significant reduction in the average output power is experimentally demonstrated.


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Author Biography

Victor V. Apollonov, A.M. Prokhorov GPI RAS

Prokhorov GPI RAS, Vavilov str.38, 119991, Moscow, Russia


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