Nano Structural Properties of Lead Doped Cadmium Sulfide (Cd1-xPbxS) Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Technique

Some Structural Results on Prime Graphs


  • Ranojit Kumar Dutta City University, Bangladesh


Graphs, Prime Graphs, Module, And Decomposition


Lead doped cadmium sulfide thin films Cd1-xPbxS (0 ≤ x ≥ 0.20) were deposited onto a glass substrate at a temperature of 523K at a low-cost spray pyrolysis technique. They were characterized by their structural and optical properties, by energy dispersive x-ray analysis, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction respectively. X-ray diffraction patterns of the films are identified as (100), (002), (101), (102), (110), (103) and (201) planes which have a hexagonal crystal structure. No extra peak developing with the increasing Pd concentration. The direct bandgap energy of the film depends on the concentration. This value varies from 2.52 eV to 2.17 eV as required for solar cell and optoelectronic device applications.


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