Realization of Equilibrium Distributions of Molecules in Gases Boris Georgievich Golovkin


  • Boris Georgievich Golovkin Public Institute of Natural and Human Sciences. Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Maxwell Distribution, Equal-Velocity Distribution, Universal Distribution, Ideal Gas, Ultimate Gas, Real Gas


It is shown that all possible distributions of molecules of an ideal gas with zero dimensions of monatomic molecules that collide elastically with each other are in equilibrium, and with nonzero dimensions, a universal equilibrium distribution of the gas molecules along with the velocities and angular momentum must arise. In a real gas in an isolated system, due to dissipation, evolution goes simultaneously toward the universal distribution and toward the occurrence of an equal-velocity distribution, and also towards the degradation of the gas due to the decrease of the molecular velocities to zero values. In a non-isolated system, the real gas has a distribution close to the Maxwell distribution


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