Impact of pressure energy on the space-time - thermodynamic aspect


  • Aldona Krupska Retired workers of Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Marcin Krupski Retired workers of Polish Academy of Sciences


Infinity, Eternal Inflation, Space-Time Evolution, Dark Energy, Cosmic Negative Pressure


Based on the definition of pressure relating to the space and the first law of thermodynamics has been derived the equation that illustrates the relationship between the values of pressure and volume of space-time - from the subatomic volume values 10-43 m3Js to the maximum values 10+38 m3Js (or higher).  The presented model seems to be in compatibility both with the theories describing the evolution of space-time and with the experimental data. The model shows that the volume of space-time is still increasing and will continue to increase, which is consistent with the observations.  It seems that the presented model can also predict what happens beyond the observable Universe. This model seems to confirm the hypothesis of eternal inflation as well as the infinity of space-time. This model may help explain the nature of dark energy, responsible for accelerating the expansion of space-time. Generally, we would show how the pressure energy impact on the whole space-time. We think that the model of the relationship between the energy of pressure and space-time volume presented by us may be of interest to researchers dealing with dark energy problems, as well as students and others.


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