Two basic criteria for the correctness of microscopic theory


  • Boris Vasiliev Vasiliev Independent Researcher


beta-decay, neutrino, fundamental constants


The first important criterion for the correctness of the theory, which is commonly called Gilbert’s principle, is its confirmation by experimental data. To date, experimental physicists have studied the properties of a very large number of objects and phenomena of the physical world. Therefore, the lack of experimental data that are important for understanding the fundamental laws of Nature is very rare. Such a lack of measurement data caused the long-term discussion between A. Einstein and N. Bohr. Almost a hundred years ago, they and their colleagues actively discussed the role of chance in the microcosm. Since then, the opinion of the creators of quantum mechanics that radioactive decay is a purely random phenomenon had taken root. However, the majority of the physical community leaned towards this view as a result of some implicit vote without relying on measurement data. Therefore, checking the
correctness of the solution to this problem required a focused experimental study. Recent results of the study of the phenomenon of beta-decay [18] have shown its forced nature, i.e., the correctness of the proponents of determinism. However, theoretical models are usually based on existing experimental data and create to explain them. Therefore, they satisfy this data, so to speak, automatically. But among the theories created in the twentieth century, there are some that are well developed mathematically but can not explain several other properties of the objects under study [9],[14]. In this case, the application of Gilbert’s principle is ambiguous. Therefore, an additional criterion is needed to determine the correctness of the microscopic theory. Since microscopic theories must rely on the equations
of quantum mechanics, the coefficients of which are world constants, then the solutions of these equations must be consisting of these constants. Thus, we can formulate an additional criterion for the correctness of the microscopic theory: it should be based on relations consisting only of fundamental constants. The correctness of this criterion is seen
in the work of models of superfluidity and superconductivity, models of several particles, and models of the interior of stars.


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