Hydro Distillation Method Extraction Of Eucalyptus Oil & Lemongrass Oil

  • Dr. Parag Dalal


A large variety of plant materials contain Essential Oils with in-depth bioactivities. Acknowledging the importance of plants and its medicative worth, extraction of volatile oil had been done exploitation Hydro Distillation technique. During this project, Hydro Distillation was accustomed to extract oil from totally different plant materials like eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, rose petals, etc. The distillation was conducted in Clevenger equipment within which boiling, compressing, and separation was done. Hydro distillation technique was found to be one in all the promising techniques for the extraction of volatile oil from plants as an honoured manufacturer can preserve the initial qualities of the plant. The recovery of the worth additional product i.e., oil from the raw biology beginning material is incredibly necessary since the standard of the oil is greatly influenced throughout this step. The Analysis of that area unit had been done by the exploitation of local area, Gas natural action and spectrometer equipment that evaluates volatile oil quantitatively and qualitatively. We have a tendency to currently find the calculable that the 'fragrant pharmacy' consists of compounds having an especially wide selection of organic chemistry effects. Essential oils area unit thus termed as they are believed to represent the terribly essence of odour and flavour.


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Author Biography

Dr. Parag Dalal

Asst. Prof. School of Studies in Environment Management, Vikram University, Ujjain


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