Information Dynamics in Baseball

  • Takeo Nakagawa Satellite College Hakusan
Keywords: Game Theory, Baseball, Advantage, Certainty of Game Outcome, Prediction of Game Outcome, Game Point


This study is concerned with the information dynamics in baseball. This simulates and models the history of professional baseball game Carp vs. Giants in Japan Central League , and provides us useful strategy and/or tactic for coping with the future games, and method for predicting the game outcomes. The game, Carp vs. Giants is quite a unique one, for Giants keeps the advantage against Carp over 90% of the total game length, but is reversed by Carp just before the end. Thus, this game should be called as one-sided game by Giants, though Carp becomes the winner.   It is found that a model curve for height, which initial slope angle coincides with that of data curve, provides the minimum current value of height depending on the time. Usefulness of the information dynamic model for predicting game outcome has been demonstrated: It is predicted in such a way that the author’s granddaughter in 10 years old on August 13, 2018 will increase her height in 10 years from 127.5 cm to 167.6 cm.


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Author Biography

Takeo Nakagawa, Satellite College Hakusan

Satellite College Hakusan


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