Utilization of Almanaque Panayanon as Source of Information


  • Rosslin John Robles University of San Agustin


Almanaque Panayanon, Farmer Calendar, Almanac


Almanaque Panayanon Is The Only Annual Pamphlet In Hiligaynon Which Existed From 1905 Up To The Present. The Pamphlet Contains Dates, Lunar Cycles, Tides, And So Forth, Is Still Consulted When Significant Activities Are To Be Held.  This Study Was Conducted To Determine The Use Of Almanaque Panayanhon To Farmers As A Source Of Information In Terms Of Subscription, The Contents Frequently Read, Purpose, And Perceived Level Of Trustworthiness. A Survey Was Administered To Respondents From Selected Communities From The Towns In Panay. The Result Shows That Respondents Seldom Purchase/Subscribe To Almanaque Panayanhon. All Of The Respondents Prefer Almanaque Panayanhon As A Source Of Information Related To Farming, Weather, And Religion Followed By A Calendar While Only A Few Read Newspapers And Magazines.


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Author Biography

Rosslin John Robles, University of San Agustin

University Of San Agustin, Iloilo City, Philippines


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