Teacher Resourcıng Tlms Practıces and Perceptıons: Its Effects on Students’ Performance



Resourcing Practices , Perceptions, Teaching And Learning Materials (Tlms), Academic Performance


This study investigated the teachers’ practices and perceptions in resourcing teaching and learning materials and examined how these affected the performance of the students in the core subjects. Participants of this study were the 243 elementary teachers in District I and District II of Carcar City Division of the Department of Education. For the span of 15 days, the participants were given the survey tool online. The consolidated data were gathered and retrieved from google form database and treated statistically. The results suggested that the teachers’ practices in resourcing learning materials is significantly correlated with the teachers’ perception towards the DepEd Learning Resource Portal and the non-DepEd initiated learning materials provider. Both the teachers’ practices and perceptions towards resourcing TLMs have significant effect on the students’ academic performance. As a result, an action plan for measurement and evaluation of teachers’ learning material resourcing skills is devised. The skills measurement will evaluate the teacher’s subskills such as their responsive skills, ICT skills, writing skills, lay-outing skills, and illustration skills.


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Author Biography

Dr. Esra Sipahi, National Ministry of Education

Privacy Office, Business Administration Ankara TURKEY


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