Role of Wheatstone Bridge in Velocity Measurements with Tension Thread Flow Meter


  • Ai Nakagawa Academy of Hakusan
  • Takeo R. M. Nakagawa Academy of Hakusan


Flowmeter, Wheatstone Bridge, Strain Gauge;


This paper is concerned with the role of a Wheatstone bridge in velocity measurements with Tension Thread Flow Meter.   The history of the Wheatstone bridge and the concept are reviewed in brief, and the role in the Tension Thread Flow Meter has been discussed. By using a prototype flow meter, how the system of structural, mechanical, and electrical components works harmoniously has been demonstrated.   Several novel models of the present flowmeter have been proposed.   It is realized that the Tension Thread Flow Meter possesses almost limitless potential to measure the instantaneous velocities ranging from nanometer/s to sound speed in air(gas) and water(liquid), together with the oscillating, boundary layer, channel and pipe flow.  New development of the nanometer scale model for measuring the velocity in micro-fluid, and the application of Tension Thread Flow Meter to measure supersonic flow velocity are attractive research topics left for the future. 


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